Touch Up Guys exceptional support services provide valuable information and shared experience with its franchisees to ensure early and ongoing successful programme implementation.

These services include:

  • Initial and Ongoing Training Programs
  • Marketing/Advertising Assistance
  • Operations & Technical Support
  • Business skills training & mentoring

From pre-training to your first day on the job you will work side by side with a member of our support team. Every stage is comfortably paced, ensuring you receive a quality training experience.


Comprehensive Initial Training Program

Touch Up Guys franchisees do not need any prior technical experience to operate a Touch Up Guys business. Our comprehensive initial training program includes engaging, in-depth, informative classes covering technical know how, marketing, operations and technology. Our 'hands on' methods mean that you will complete training with the confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed.


On-Site Training

After completion of the initial training program you will receive on site training from one of our certified trainers. You and your trainer will work side by side initiating marketing activities and ensuring all of your equipment is functioning properly prior to commencing your first job.

During your on-site training week, you will refine your working knowledge in:

  • Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Planning
  • Technical Proficiency


On-Going Training

Once you have completed your initial training program & on-site training with one of our certified trainers, your training continues for a further 12 weeks with our Business Skills Training program.

This unique 12 week mentoring program is designed to keep you in touch on a weekly basis with best practice habits in evaluating & planning the tasks required for solid business growth.

This on-line training is conducted via online conferencing and consists of a half hour 1-on-1 time with a mentor focused on your individual progress as well as a one-and-a-half hour mini seminar, one evening per week, for you to particapate in with othr Franchisees and mentors.


7 Day Technical Help Line

As a Touch Up Guy you will enjoy the benifit of access to a seven day per week technical help line service.

If you are on a job and are unsure of any aspect of doing the work that is required all you need to do is call our technical help line and one of our experts will assist you with the solutions you need.

It's all part of being a member of the Touch Up Guys family and gives you the confidence and security of knowing you can handle any task.


Marketing/Advertising Assistance

Touch Up Guys will assist you in developing a budget for your local marketing program. In addition, Touch Up Guys provides its franchisees with ongoing marketing support through our Active Marketing Program (AMP). AMP is a program implemented by Touch Up Guys’ head office once you complete the initial training program. AMP gives you access to ongoing listings on specific lead generation websites and Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns, allowing you more time to productively manage the day to day operations of your business.

After you have completed both the initial training program and the on-site training you will have access to support to assist you with every aspect of the business. You will also have access to our library of resource material including our in-depth Operations manuals.