Buying your own business is a major change in your life. For this reason we follow a process that ensures you receive all the information you need to make a sound decision.

Step 1:

Submit an Inquiry on the “Get Started” page or call 1800 22 00 39.

Step 2:

Talk to us - Exploring the Touch Up Guys franchise opportunity starts with a conversation. We need to get to know one another to determine if there is a good fit for both of us. We don’t sell franchises, we recruit franchisees whom we feel will continue Touch Up Guy’s successful track record.

During this conversation you will be given an overview of the Touch Up Guys franchise and opportunities.

Step 3:

Apply - If we both agree that Touch Up Guys feels like a good fit, you will be sent an Information Pack. This pack includes a confidentiality agreement and an Application Form. Simply complete and return these documents.

At this stage you will be providing some more detailed information about yourself that will allow us to continue our process.

Step 4:

Application Follow-up - Once we have received these documents we will send you a suite of franchise documents and specific information relating to the area / areas you are interested in.

At this stage you will be given an opportunity to contact other franchisees and talk to them about their experience of Touch Up Guys. If possible, we will also arrange for you to visit another Touch Up Guys business owner so you can see, first hand, how the business operates.

Step 5:

Your Questions Answered – By now you will have many questions. We will schedule a phone call with you to explain, in more detail, the Touch Up Guys' franchise opportunity. This is an opportunity for you to learn a lot more about life as a Touch Up Guys franchisee and to get answers to more of your questions.

Step 6:

Come for a Formal Visit – Prospective franchisees who progress this far will be invited to attend a discovery day at out National Headquarters to discuss their application face to face and to address any queries they may have..

Step 7:

Sign Franchise Agreement - Once a decision to purchase a Touch Up Guy franchise is made you will be asked to sign an Area Franchise Agreement. This final step will begin the next chapter in your life of business ownership.

Arrangements will then be made for you to attend one of our initial training courses run each year and the process of welcoming you into the business will commence.