With over 15 million vehicles on the road in Australia it’s no surprise that automotive bumper & body paint repair is a multi-million dollar industry.

Touch Up Guys provide a niche service within this growing industry, repairing and refinishing minor damage to bumper and plastic components. We call this the “touch up” industry, and we do it on site at our customers' convenience.

As a Touch Up Guys' franchisee you will provide high demand, high quality and highly valued services to your customers, repairing their vehicles to a showroom standard without the inconvenience and expense of having to use a traditional panel repair shop.


Who are our Customers

Touch Up Guys customers can be anyone from the owner of a small independent car dealership, to a fleet manager for a mobile service business, to a stay at home mother who backed into a post at the local shopping centre. Everyone needs our service at sometime.

We are particularly proud of our ability to provide service to our customers at their home or office, offering convenience and an alternative to traditional repair methods.


Why our Customers Love Us

Our services enable our customers to avoid insurance claims, (potentially resulting in higher premiums) and the inconvenience of losing their vehicle for days to the panel shop. In fact most repairs cost less than the insurance excess.

Touch Up Guys can restore the appearance of our customers vehicles to showroom condition at their home or office in 2 to 4 hours. By doing so, we consistently exceed our customers expectations by providing a level of service unexpected from a mobile repair company. The resounding response to our finished product is “Wow, my car looks brand new!”

Simply put: Consumers want an alternative…we provide it.


Why Do Touch Up Guys Franchisees Love their Business?

Whether it is the owner of a car dealership, a fleet manager or a general public customer, everyone loves the win-win relationship offered by Touch Up Guys.

The quality service, convenience, and cost effective benefits of using Touch Up Guys help our franchisees grow their businesses. We are in the business of creating happy customers. As a Touch Up Guys franchisee, you also have the ability to control your destiny while working from where ever your customer needs you to be.


How Do We Generate Business?

Our marketing plan includes a combination of traditional marketing and advertising activities along with techniques for creating long term referral sources. An added benefit to our business is the high rate of referrals from satisfied customers and the high visibility of our ‘moving billboards’, the Touch Up Guys vans.